Connect with us!

Relationships are all about connecting with people. Think about it! You first connected with your girlfriend who became your wife or a boyfriend who became your husband. You connected with a friend who eventually got you a job that became a career. Your desire to connect with God led you to Jesus and now he is the Lord of your life. Here at Selma Baptist Church, connections are something we value. In fact, there are three ways we want you to connect with our ministry.

  • Connecting with God (Worship)

We work hard to make sure our worship experience is engaging and our sermon series are practical and applicable.

  • Connecting with Others (Discipleship)

Growing as a disciple for Christ is more than just learning what Jesus said, it’s doing what he said that transforms lives. Here at Selma, we believe this happens in small groups. Here is where you will gather with other brothers and sisters (who are in a similar stage of life) and study the teachings of Jesus through relevant means, confess sins to one another, pray for one another, retreat with one another, serve with one another, and share in life’s challenges and victories with one another. We believe this is where true church happens; therefore, we have connection groups for all ages.

  • Connecting with the World (Missions)

Serving our local community is a value we strongly believe in. When you get connected within our ministry here at Selma, you will have opportunities to serve with us both locally and globally.  Discipleship doesn’t just happen in a classroom, but when we also are learning how to love and serve others around us.   


We are a vibrant, welcoming and friendly church whose sole mission is to glorify Christ in all we say and do. We welcome you to join us at any of our events listed here on our website. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our ministry and we look forward to seeing you soon!