“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”
Matthew 7:24

Title Date Speaker Message
Worth Living For
Sent2/9/2020Todd DanielsPlay
Called2/2/2020Todd DanielsPlay
What’s Next?
What’s Next?1/26/2020Todd DanielsPlay
As you are going1/19/2020Todd DanielsPlay
The Mission1/12/2020Todd DanielsPlay

What’s Next?
1/5/2020Todd DanielsPlay
He Shall Be Called
Chaotic Times12/29/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Shaky Times12/22/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Living Up to the Name12/15/2019Todd DanielsPlay
I’ve Got A Problem12/8/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Rooted In Gratitude
Thanksgiving Table11/24/2019Todd DanielsPlay
The Roots of Reputation11/17/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Downward Spiral of Ingratitude11/10/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Return To The Source11/3/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Who Me?
Unsung Hero10/27/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Keep On Keeping On10/20/2019Daniel BlackburnPlay
Homecoming – Who’s Your One?10/13/2019Dr. Kelton HintonPlay
Who Me? – An Unlikely Recruit10/6/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Upside Down
Upside Down Conclusion9/29/2019Daniel BlackburnPlay
Upside Down Trust9/22/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Upside Down Conduct9/15/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Upside Down Influence9/8/2019Todd DanielsPlay
An Upside Down Attitude9/1/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Going Deep
New Covenant8/25/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Davidic Covenant 8/18/2019 Todd Daniels Play
Mosaic Covenant 8/11/2019 Daniel Blackburn Play
Abrahamic Covenant8/4/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Choose Freedom7/28/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Why We Choose the Way We Choose7/21/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Choices and Consequences7/14/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Freedom to Choose7/7/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Guilt, Shame, and Restoration6/30/2019Daniel BlackburnPlay
What if?
What if we were obedient like that?6/23/2019Todd DanielsPlay
What if we believed like that?6/16/2019Todd DanielsPlay
What if we had faith like that?6/9/2019Todd DanielsPlay
I Am: Seven statements that can change your life.
I am the true vine.6/2/2019Todd DanielsPlay
I am the way, the truth and the life.5/26/2019Todd DanielsPlay
I am the resurrection and the life.5/19/2019Todd DanielsPlay
Hope Restored (Mother’s Day)5/12/2019Todd DanielsPlay
I am the good shepherd.5/5/2019Todd DanielsPlay

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